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This free Texas Holdem Odds Checker gives you the odds that you have the winning hand in any Texas Holdem Game - using machine learning from 493,741,500 real games (and counting).

How To Use It

Use the odds checker as you play Texas Holdem poker and it will update you in real time on your odds of holding the winning hand.

Simply tell Texas Holdem Buddy the cards that are visible to you during your game, and see how your poker hand is likely to compare to others on the table, and what your chances are of holding the winning hand.

Of course poker is a complex game, and there are many other factors beyond the cards on the table - but with Texas Holdem Buddy you can add an extra string to your bow. Use it to train your instincts as you play.

Keyboard Control

Speed is important when playing poker. If you'd prefer to use the keyboard then you can use the following keys to run the game:

How it Works

Texas Holdem Buddy has analysed 493,741,500 real games of poker and produced the odds for every combination of hand possible.

It's also constantly learning to improve the accuracy of its predictions over time - so the data you get back will get better and better.

The simulator runs through real games constantly, and records at each stage of the game who has the winning hand, and what the chances are that it would be you, based on your cards.

What Wins in Poker?

In Poker the royal straight flush is obviously the strongest hand, but it's rare and not the hand that wins a game most commonly. These are the odds that a particular hand will win a game:

What's the Impact of Player Count?

With more players around a table, the statistical chances that you have the winning hand decreases - almost at a rate of 1/n, where n is the number of players:

However with more players, the likelyhood that multiple players have a strong hand decreases - so a strong hand with more players gives you a better chance of success.

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